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You have legal rights. Zeaman Law will serve as your tool for exercising these rights so you can protect your interests and obtain what you are entitled to. With knowledge and experience in several areas of the law, you can rest assured your needs will be met. Furthermore, unlike many firms you might have dealt with in the past, you will be involved and well informed throughout the entire legal process. If you have any questions, please call or send an e-mail to

Why Us?

Because we put in the time, we care about our clients receiving justice, and we back that up. Our 16 years of court experience and over a thousand cases may speak volumes, but as many of your friends or colleagues who have been through litigation will tell you that means very little if the attorney is not going to put in the time and attention to your case.

At our law firm in Edmond, OK, we approach providing legal services to our clients very differently. When you hire us, you have a small but focused team to provide you with legal representation. You do not get marching orders from us. We advise you of the law and present you all of your options, and we identify, assess, and communicate the potential risks and rewards so that you can make a decision about what is best for you. Because that is what legal action is about—it is about you, your family, and your future.

To back up our commitment to you and your family, we appeal most adverse legal ruling(s) from a judge or jury when it is clear the law was not followed, or the weight of the evidence was not respected. In some select cases, we will even appeal your case without charge so long as you pay all costs and expenses relating to the appeal. And, as you will see in on our appeals page, this is not a bunch of website window dressing—we have successfully overturned not only district court judges, but also appellate judges as well.

About Us

Our founder, Christian M. Zeaman attended the University of Oklahoma and received his undergraduate degree in psychology. After that, he attended the University of Oklahoma School of Law. During law school, he worked for Gary J. James & Associates, second-chairing three capital murder trials, including State v. Clayton Lockett, State v. B.J. Stouffer, and State v. Phillip Smith.

The firm was also appointed by the State of Oklahoma to defend Timothy McVeigh, and work was conducted to prepare that defense in the event the state pursued the criminal prosecution. Further work included defense work for the Oklahoma State Troopers Association and employment law defense for a local hospital.

While working for the firm, Mr. Zeaman began representing State Troopers in their divorce and custody cases, many of which involved trials against a great parent who had the additional responsibilities of protecting and serving our citizens on a day-to-day basis. He started his own law practice in 2005, with the goal of providing more one-on-one representation to select persons in need of someone to stand by them as an advocate.

Contact us today for capable representation backed by 16 years of experience. We proudly serve clients in Edmond, Oklahoma, and the surrounding area.